5 Tips for Creating Successful Customer Service

As business owners, it is essential to always remember that the impression our customers develop of our store and their shopping experience depend directly on the quality of customer service we provide.


A customer may come in contact with our customer service team even before making a purchase when they are interested in a particular product and wish to receive information about it.

They may also contact the customer service team shortly after a purchase to ask questions about how to operate the product, if they encounter problems with the product, or if they are dissatisfied with it and wish to exchange it.


Regardless of the stage at which our customers contact our customer service team, it is important that they are satisfied with the service they receive, from the promptness and efficiency of the representatives to their courtesy and professionalism.

Remember, successful customer service encourages new customers to buy products from your store and encourages existing customers to return to purchase more.





This is even truer when it comes to online stores.

While in physical stores, there is the possibility of going directly to the business and receiving information about various products, dealing with problems and defects found in the product, or exchanging the purchased product, in an online store, the customer service center is the "face" of your business.

It is the only place where customers can turn, and therefore it is important that your customer service representatives be professional, courteous, patient, and operate through a variety of channels (chat, phone, and email) for the convenience of the customer.


You can use customer service and support tools to streamline and automate various processes, but it's important to remember that customer service requires a human touch.

It is essential to provide personalized attention to each customer, understand their needs, and provide them with a solution that meets their expectations. Excellent customer service can also help build customer loyalty, enhance your brand reputation, and drive sales growth.


If you are still interested in operating your own customer service center, we have gathered 5 important tips that you should emphasize when establishing a customer service center:



1. Speak to your customers in a clear language and phrase yourself properly.

Avoid using "slang" and expressions that your customers may not understand.

Speak to them in a simple and clear language, answer their questions in a professional manner, and help them understand every action you take during the service delivery, in a personal approach.

Avoid using "generic" recordings when transferring a customer to another service provider – instead, address the customer by name, and explain to him that in order to provide him with better service, you are transferring him to another representative.



2. Always use positive language.

Avoid presenting a situation in a negative way. Instead, use language that presents the situation in a positive light.

For example, if there is a certain product that a customer wants to purchase, but it is out of stock and will only be available for purchase in a month, avoid using the following phrasing:

"Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the desired product until next month because it is currently out of stock."

Instead, use more positive phrasing:

"This product will be available in stock next month. We can place an order for you now and ensure that once the product arrives in our warehouse, it will be shipped to you immediately."

By redirecting the conversation to a positive place and focusing on the offered solution instead of presenting a negative situation, we reduce the percentage of customers who may become angry or disappointed.






3. Avoid providing too fast of a service

Customers are always happy to receive fast service, without wasting a whole day trying to speak with customer service representatives.

However, not at the expense of the quality of the response, advice given, or problem-solving. The speed and efficiency of service representatives are important and necessary to shorten waiting times and streamline the work process, but it is crucial to remember that the emphasis should be mainly on providing a response to customers.

Therefore, avoid talking too fast, which will make the customer feel like you are trying to "get rid of them" as quickly as possible, and focus on creating initial contact with the customer, understanding their needs, and the reason why they called.

Only after you have received all the information and know how to proceed with the issue, check how you can help them as quickly as possible.

Nothing is more appreciated by customers than professional, patient, and courteous service.



4. Address the customer personally

If you provide customer service through email, make sure to send them a follow-up email that includes their first name, their reference details, and the name of the customer service representative at the end of the email.

This way, the customer will feel that they are receiving personal service from a real person, and that they are not just another number recorded in an automated system. Avoid using generic templates, such as:

Hello, we appreciate you reaching out to us. Your request has been recorded and will be processed soon. Please note, a card with the number – #12345 has been opened for you. For any further inquiries on this matter, please mention the card number. Thank you, ABC team



5. Invest in the customer service representatives that you are recruiting.

Good customer service is made up of high-quality, professional people who can be relied upon.

Make sure to hire representatives with a high level of service awareness, patience, professionalism, and responsibility – after all, they represent your business, and are largely responsible for the impression created with your customers.

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