Have questions? We have answers

  • Why should I work with you and not manage the customer service team myself?

    Customer service is a complex field and we know how to do everything for you – recruit employees, train them, manage them, and provide them with the most advanced technological systems.

    We will also be able to offer you higher flexibility during especially busy or quiet periods, fill gaps in the team quickly if necessary, and provide you with insights and recommendations based on our experience.

    As a company that lives and breathes service, we will always be on top of things and be able to offer you the most advanced and high-quality solution. And most importantly – when we do almost everything, you can enjoy much more peace of mind and focus on other matters.

  • Do I need to commit to a long-term contract?

    Not at all! Our customers work with us only because they believe in us, not because they are bound by a contract. At any stage during the 30-day notice period, you can end the contract with us without any penalty.

  • How soon can we get started?

    To ensure that the process of recruiting the right representatives for you, training them, and implementing various systems is done in the most professional way possible, we commit to starting within 2 weeks. In a rush? Talk to us and we will find a solution.

  • How do I change or stop the service?

    The commitment is only for the next month. You can change the operating hours and days, the number of working representatives, and even stop the service with a 30-day advance notice.

  • How will your representatives know what to say?

    Our representatives will receive comprehensive training on a knowledge base that we build for you after an in-depth conversation with you. This ensures that they know what to say and how to handle different situations.

  • How much involvement will I have in customer service when we start working together?

    In the first month, there may be service-related issues that arise in order to clarify work procedures, but after that, you will be able to reduce your involvement in customer service and focus on other areas of business management.

  • What happens during busy periods like Black Friday?

    We have been operating for over 5 years and know in advance if we need additional representatives for holidays and major consumer days.

  • What systems do you work with?

    We use advanced technology systems in the field, such as Freshdesk, Aircall, Hubstaff and Helpjuice.

  • What service channels do you support?

    We support live chat, WhatsApp, phone calls, email, and Facebook and Instagram messengers.

  • How do you ensure quality service?

    We conduct regular quality control surveys and perform internal checks, and reward representatives for providing quality service.

  • How can I experience the service now when it’s not physically present in my office?

    You will have access to real-time dashboards at any time. You can listen to calls, read messages and chats that are happening right now.

  • What languages do you support?

    As part of our personalization to you, we support any language you may need help with.

  • What are the operating hours of the call center?

    International representatives operate 24/7, tailored to your needs.