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customer service

  • We support all service channels, in writing and by phone.
  • Multilingual
  • Scale up or down within days
  • 24/7 solutions
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backoffice support

  • Keeping your online store up to date - new products, prices, inventory, promotions and more
  • Experts in all e-commerce platforms including shopify, woocommerce and magento
  • Maximun flexibility
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  • Banners, Popups, Icons, Newsletters
  • Fast and professional designs
  • Expertise in e-commerce design
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  • Customer service insights
  • Daily and monthly reports
  • Real time dashboards
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Cutting edge technologies

We believe in the powerful combination of skilled representatives
and advanced technologies that will enable to provide a quality,
efficient and faster service

Employee work tracker for better productivity

Cutting edge cloud based call center and phone system

An easy way to use knowledge base and SOP pladform

A leading ticketing system for faster and better customer service